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MakeUp Tips 40

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MakeUp Tips 40

1. Proper hydration of the skin
Proper care of your skin starts with its hydration.
With a good day cream, your makeup will look more natural and firm.

2. Give "base" ... to the make-up
Use the appropriate base to give your makeup stability. Choose a shade that fits exactly to your skin for a healthier look. Choose a tinted console in a slightly lighter shade to brighten the area under the eyes. A gentle blush can brighten your face and give it the freshness you are looking for.
A beige shade can save you from having your eye look natural and healthy.

3. Lip hydration
Hydration of lips in women 40+ is extremely necessary.
Lips tend to lose their elasticity over the years and need to stay hydrated. A liquid lipstick is perfect for giving them a living.

4. Fill the eyebrows
Do not allow your eyebrows to look empty, as your face will look more distressed. Fill the eyebrows with a pencil that matches their color, and get a gorgeous look that impresses.


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