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Beauty Tips: The Secrets of Eye Shadow

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When we visit a cosmetics store, we get excited about the products. Usually, we end up buying our familiar products because we know how to use them better. Sometimes we buy something that we really like, but in the end we get frustrated, mainly because we don't know how to use it properly.

So let's learn the secrets of the shadows:

  • Solid powders

It is the most well-known form of shadow. They are fitted with a hairbrush or sponge. They adhere firmly to the eye and do not lose their shape.
Also, the powder has the capacity to absorb moisture and grease.

  • Gold dusts

These shades are something between shadow and gold dust. We can tamp them down with our fingers at the end of the eye makeup to give it a shine. The effect can be more intense if you add some water. Highlights also belong to these shades. For a more fancy evening makeup they can be used on the cheeks or shoulders, with a large hairbrush, like the one we use for powder. We use a small amount and be careful not to overdo it.

  • Creamy shades

They are in the form of a mousse and the ideal way to apply them is with the fingers. Many times we choose a shade close to the skin color, which can also be used as a powder shade base.

  • Baked shadows

They are solid powders that have undergone some processing. They are applied with a sponge brush which we wet first, wipe with a tissue and get enough shade. Apply it with small circular motions.

The result is amazing. The colors of these shades are much more intense. They can also be used without water for a more subtle effect.

  • Wet shadows

We usually find them in bottles, in the same form as lip-gloss.
With the special brush provided by the package, we apply the shadow on the eyelid.

#Tip: To brighten your eyes, after you have finished applying the shadows, a light, simple or iridescent shade is placed in silver, white or gold (depending on the occasion) in the inner corner of the eye.


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