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The 5 Mistakes of Makeup

Posted by   Ioannis Gkagkas
The 5 Mistakes of Makeup

When we make our faces, the goal is to look new and shiny.
Unfortunately, we often get the opposite effect.
Let's see together what to avoid:

  • Thick layer make up.

It reduces the brightness of the skin, making it appear dry and dull.

  • Very constable.

When using a large amount of concealer, the fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes are emphasized.

  • Black eyeliner.

The use of black eyeliner and not eyeliner in general, "hardens" and "burdens" the eye.

  • Lower lashes mascara.

When applied to the lower lashes, the mascara shows the eyes "fallen".

  • Direct placement of lipstick.

Over time, the lip borders soften and applying this lipstick can get away and the result is not flattering. For best results, we can use a lip brush.


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